Octicons by GitHub

Tom Fejer

Octicons by GitHub



Octicons are a set of SVG icons built by GitHub for GitHub. The vectors for all the icons are stored in a Figma file.

Github Octicons

Octicons for React

Framer X Octicon Components

Control Name Control Type Info
icon String Control string - that takes a lowercase octicon name (such as arrow-right) and returns the corresponding icon class
text String Control string - optional text
color Color Control color - icon color
size Segmented Enum small / medium / large - 16px / 32px / 64px height
verticalAlign Enum Control middle / text-bottom / text-top top - By default the octicons have vertical-align: text-bottom; applied as inline styles

šŸ˜“ Known issues

  • OcticonSmall has a paddingTop overwrite to fix vertical misalignment ā†‘


ā“’ GitHub, Inc.

When using the GitHub logos, be sure to follow the GitHub logo guidelines.

Code License: MIT
Applies to all other files