Ant Design Components V4

Suleiman Ali Shakir

Ant Design Components V4

Ant Design V4 Components for Framer

A collection of read-to-use components from Ant Design V4 that are interactive and customizable based on spec.

Changelog v1.6.0

  • Added editable prop support for Text components

Components List

  1. Data Display
    • Avatar
    • Card
    • Statistic
    • Table
    • Tooltip
    • Tags
    • Tabs
  2. Data Entry
    • Checkbox
    • Input
    • Radio
    • Radio Group
    • Select
    • Slider
    • Switch
    • Rate
  3. Feedback
    • Message
    • Notification
  4. General
    • Button
    • Icon
  5. Layout
    • Sider Menu
    • Grid
  6. Navigation
    • PageHeader
    • Pagination
  7. Type
    • Paragraph
    • Text (single-line)
    • Title

Getting Started

These instructions will help you install and use these components in any Framer project.


Latest version of Framer

How to install

Search and download the package from the Framer Store.

How to use components

  • Once installed, you can simply drag and drop components onto your canvas
  • When prototyping, if you’re unable to add links to a component, add a Frame around it
  • To intercept component events and override specific properties, kindly refer to Ant’s documentation for the component respectively