iOS Tab Bar

Rocco Marinaccio

iOS Tab Bar


A fully customizable iOS Tab Bar. Home indicator included.


Tab Bar

  • Icon Set — Choose between Feather, Material, Font Awesome and Ionicons!
  • Labels — Show or hide and customize text (adjusts inline as you scale)
  • Tabs - Choose how many tabs you’d like
  • Active Tab — Choose which tab you’d like to be active
  • Active Color — Customize the active tab color
  • Inactive Color — Customize the inactive tabs’ color
  • Background — Customize the background color for the Tab Bar itself

Home Indicator

  • Tint — light and dark (scales on landscape and portrait)

Change log

  • Thanks to Framer adding steppers, I’ve updated the numeric values to also show steppers v. sliders, so it’s easier to increment or decrement the number of tabs or choose which is the active tab

  • Added 2 more icon sets! Ionicons and Font Awesome

    • For those uncertain which icons names will work check the icon library links above, and visit Feather Icons and Material Icons for those existing to see a list of useable icon names
  • The iOS Tab Bar labels are now responsive! (portrait and landscape)

  • The home indicator is now responsive as well (portrait and landscape)

  • Updated to be compatible with Framer X’s latest version

  • Added an eventHandler so that you can apply an interaction to each tab