Vectary 3D Viewer

Richard Bruskowski

Vectary 3D Viewer

Vectary is a web based 3D design platform. Learn more here:

This unofficial package allows you to place 3D scenes created in Vectary as embedded iFrame in Framer. Vectary offers a limited free plan, but to make use of embeds you might need to be on the paid Premium plan. What you can do:

  • Place your Vectary 3D scene in Framer
  • Use embed settings from Vectary or adjust them in Framer
  • Switch environments and access additional settings in Framer:
    • Automatically rotate camera around 3D scene (Turntable) or follow the mouse
    • Enable or disable camera movements/zooming
  • View Scene in AR (on mobile devices)

How To

In Vectary

  • Create you 3D scene
  • Generate a Viewer
  • Copy embed in Link format

In Framer

  • Place component on Canvas
  • Paste copied link in Mode > Custom > URL field
  • Adjust settings as you wish

Known Issues

  • Switching to AR by tapping the icon seems to fail on Android devices.

To Dos

  • Explore access to the Vectary API:
    • Through Code Overrides
    • Texture swapping (e.g. Phone Mockups)
  • Allow customization of the AR icon.


Version Description
1.1.0 … 1.4.0 Update description & defaults
1.0.0 Initial release

Additional Information

The package’s artwork shows models from the Low Poly Space pack by Roman Klčo.

You can hire me for design and prototyping.
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