CARTO maps

Emilio García

CARTO maps


Add beautiful interactive maps to your designs using this customizable map component created by the CARTO team.


There are several things you can customize to make your designs more realistic with less effort.

  • Map style - Chosse one of our 3 unique basemaps (Light, Dark & Voyager)
  • Location or coordinates - Choose a city, or select a custom location
  • Zoom level - Decide how close or far you want to be
  • Zoom controls - Show or hide the zoom in and zoom out controls
  • Attribution - Show or hide a customizable attribution


The available basemaps in this package were created by our amazing CARTOgrapher Mamata Akella. The component was built by Alberto Acuña (that is amazing too).

Talk to us

If you want to see something else in this package feel free to reach us at @CARTO.