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The Markdown component allows you to insert content from Markdown files into your designs. Both .md and .markdown files are supported.


Property Type Description Default
Source file Markdown file to be imported. null
Theme enum CSS Theme, see below. Github
CSS File file Custom CSS file, see below. null
Padding number Padding around the content. 0
Overflow Show | Hide Overflow visibility. Hide


Out of the box, the Markdown component includes a handful of simple CSS themes.

You can also use your own theme! Just select Custom from the theme dropdown, then select a CSS file which contains your custom styles.

Notes on Custom Themes

  • The container can be styled with a :host selector.
  • You should avoid styling html or body from your theme file.
  • Due to the way styles are scoped, minified CSS files may introduce bugs.
Name Link
Chota jenil/chota
Github sindresorhus/github-markdown-css
Marx mblode/marx
Sakura oxalorg/sakura
Sakura Dark oxalorg/sakura
Wing kbrsh/wing

Missing Features



  • Actually fix theming bug


  • Fixed a bug with theming


  • Add Custom theme support
  • Update Framer Store artwork


  • Add basic theme support
  • Set default theme to Github


  • Initial Release


Markdown parsing powered by Marked.

Markdown Mark designed by Dustin Curtis (@dcurtis).

Markdown invented by John Gruber via Daring Fireball.

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