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This is the learn Design System From Steve Ruiz, this is just a test to convert into a custom design system, all credit goes to him and his geniuous.

Learn Design System Details: Learn is a design system for Framer X.

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The package includes a number of code components that you can use on the canvas and in your code. To use the package’s components in your code, import them from "@framer/steveruizok.education/code".

Learn more and see examples here.


You can use the same import to pull the shared colors. Learn more and see examples here.


This package also includes several helper utilities. Learn more and see examples here.


  • Adds scroll prop to List
  • Tweaks TextInput padding for clearable
  • Cleans up content for lists
  • Adds Message
  • Adds List
  • Optitmization
  • Updates colors, adds disabled state to stepper buttons (at min / max values), changes props for CardList from items to cards, adds emptyText prop to ItemList.
  • Adds Map
  • Adds Framer Bridge integration
  • Adds ItemList, CardList
  • Fixes clearable TextInput
  • Rewrites Slider
  • Adds link to new docs, adds TabIndex to TextInput, updates Props and exports.
  • Fixes text resize on canvas
  • Restores index, renames and adds Stack to blank Template
  • Adds Modal, AlertModal
  • Adds ProgressBar
  • Reverses last
  • Removes SVG icons and library, replaces with spritesheet
  • Removes stepper as default RowItem component
  • Adds DatePicker / DatePickerModal
  • Adds Glow color.
  • Adds background property control to Text.
  • Fixes text width on tabs
  • Removes left padding from RowItem
  • Adds isEmail utility
  • Fixes disabled on Checkbox.
  • Adds required to inputs, clarifies validation.
  • Fixes spacing in links.
  • Adds titles to Slider
  • Adds sleep utility
  • Removes map (performance issues)
  • Fixes padding on Text
  • Fixes stepper
  • Adds stepper to row item
  • Updates valid check for slider
  • Updates validation checks
  • Updates TabBar to accept new tab index
  • Updates Image
  • Resizing on Icons
  • Text reflow on resize
  • Updates artwork, title
  • Adds Stepper, removes Styled Components, replaces Icon font with SVG Icons (for offline use)
  • Adds index for easier imports
  • Adds offline icons
  • Adds Card
  • Adds Navigation, TabBar, Map
  • Fixes Text
  • Adds Tabs
  • Reworks CheckboxGroup, RadioGroup, adds colors to buttons and links, adds RowItem
  • Fixes bug on icon buttons / Text with children
  • Adds Active color for active state borders, improves interactive states.
  • All code components that previously imported design components no longer do so. (This should fix some import bugs).
  • Fixes disabled tap event.
  • Fixes sizes when using components in code.
  • Fixes tap event.
  • Updates template.
  • Adds tabs, nerfs docs.
  • Updates text position in Links.
  • Adds docs component.
  • Fixes toggle bug on Button
  • Adds select, palette
  • Adds icon, button icon
  • Reworks many components
  • Adds component component, bumps version
  • Adds header card
  • Fixes button text
  • Adds iPhoneX template
  • Adds initial set of components, colors and styles
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