Marco Pesani



A compontent that renders a sparkline 📈 with real data from stock markets, provided by IEX Group. Includes the following properties.

  • Symbol: Stock symbol, AAPL (Apple Inc.) is the default. You can find all the symbols listed by the IEX on their official webpage.
  • Timeframe: Data time range. When selecting 5y, the amount of data could make the component heavy to render, it is reccomended to increase the Tolerance value.
  • Tolerance: The amount of simplification. Based on Simplify.js.
  • Line width: Line tickness.
  • Line color: Line color. Supports transparence.
  • Background color: Line color. Supports transparence.

Known limitations and bugs

  • The component fails to redraw properly when zoomed in/out.
  • There are no fallbacks in case of missing network connections. All you’ll see will be the “Error” state of the component.
  • The component is not visible in exports 😓.
  • Dependancy error due to the “react-chartist” package.
  • Drawing a lot of points is quite heavy and could occasionally bring to the “Component exceeded time limit” error.
  • The component has no icon.


  • Removed moment from dependancies

For bugs or feedbacks PM me on Twitter @marcopesani.