Animated Letters

Jinjae Lee

Animated Letters

Animated Letters for Framer X

Create animated letters just by adding component to your prototype. You can also create your own animated letters by customising text, delay, position, font size, font weight, rotation, color, line height and scale. Animated Letters for Framer X was inspired by Moving Letters created by Tobias Ahlin. More animations and features will be added, so please enjoy and stay tuned.

v1.3 Scale, Position added

Scale and position updated to Animated Letters. Make your unique animation by scaling it up and down, or changing positions.

v1.4 Typing Letters Component updated

Now you can use Animated Letters to simulate typing or someone writing a tweet. Thank you for the idea @jordandobson

v1.6 Line breaks, Animated Letter Chunk added

Animated Letters component now automatically break the lines to simulate more realistic typing animation. Also, Animated Chunk component is added so that you can animate words, and few properties added.