Get Colors from Images

Ismael Martínez

Get Colors from Images

Use this component to extract the color profiles of an image using the Palette library like the one included by Android.

Based on the standards of material design, the palette library extracts commonly used color profiles from an image. Each profile is defined by a Target, and colors extracted from the bitmap image are scored against each profile based on saturation, luminance, and population (number of pixels in the bitmap represented by the color). For each profile, the color with the best score defines that color profile for the given image.


Palette library color profiles


  • Image: choose an image to extract color profiles.
  • Color profile: select one of the six color profiles.

Note: keep in mind that an image may not have a profile available.


  • Light Vibrant
  • Vibrant
  • Dark Vibrant
  • Light Muted
  • Muted
  • Dark Muted



  • Force v3.0.0 of node-vibrant module


  • New release for new Framer API
  • Change artwork and icon


  • First release

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