Magic Move

Henrique Gusso

Magic Move

⚠️ Magic Move is no longer supported, you should move to Switch. It’s really good.

Design interactive animated components. No code.

Magic Move 3 uses the power of Framer’s animation library to smoothly transition between variants of your design components using user-triggered events and powerful timing controls.

What’s New on 3.0
🚴‍ Connect multiple instances to a single event to cycle or toggle between states.
🤸‍ Three types of looping allow you to create fluid continuous animations, like spinners.
👯‍ Set staggerred delays to children to simulate natural movement.

Quick Start

  1. Create a design component (⌘+K), and at least one instance of it (⌘+D).
  2. Double click on your instance to change the children’s properties you want to animate.
  3. Set Magic Move’s Initial state by connecting it to one of your component’s instances.
  4. Connect to other instances to set the states to be triggered by touch and mouse Events.
  5. Open preview and marvel at your own interactive animated creation 🎩🐇 ⠀

Supported Components

Animation is restricted to Frames. You can wrap anything in a Frame (such as Text, Stacks, and any code component) to be able to animate its position, rotation and opacity.


Event Description Cycle
Automatic On component render.
Tap Tapping or clicking the component.
Tap Start Touching the component.
Hover Start Moving the mouse over the component.
Hover End Moving the mouse away from the component.

Animatable Properties

Property Description
Border Radius
Background 🌈 Animates between solid and gradient backgrounds.
Shadows 🔦 Animates any number of outer and inner shadows.

Transition Options

Property Description
Transition Select Tween for duration-based animations or Spring for physics.
Damping Spring Strength of opposing force.
Mass Spring Mass of the moving object.
Stifness Spring Stiffness of the spring.
Duration Tween Duration of animation (seconds).
Easing Tween Predefined or custom bézier curve easing function.
Animate Tween Single or continuous animation.
Repeat Tween Loop, yoyo (reverse easing) or flip the animation.

Timing Options

Property Description
Delay Delay all animations by set time (seconds).
Stagger Animations of child Frames are staggered by this time (seconds).

Version History

• Deprecation notice. See you next time 👋

• Fix animation of color variables.

• Removed Border animations temporarily.

• Fixed background images not being visible.
• Fixed gradient animation.

Tap, Tap Start, Hover Start, and Hover End accept multiple instances for cycling.
• Added looping controls for Tween animations.
• Added Stagger property to orchestrate children timing.
Radius, Border and Shadow are now animatable.
Background animations now support gradients.
• Smoother frame rate on position and size transitions.
• Removed Tap End event, use Tap instead for same effect.
• Redesigned empty state.
• Complete rewrite, a lot of bugs are gone, but there will be new ones. Report bugs

• Support for new events: Tap Start, Tap End, Mouse Over, Mouse Leave
• Connected Frames are now previewed on Property Panel.
• Improved rendering speed to stop errors on the canvas.

• Parent Frame properties are now animatable: background, opacity, rotation

• Initial release.

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