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A working stopwatch in the format 00:00:00 with multiple options for configuration.


  • Change color of text and buttons
  • Change size of text and buttons
  • Toggle default button visibility
  • Optionally control timer via clicking text
    • Single click to toggle start/pause
    • Double click to reset
  • Autostart the timer on load
  • Start/Pause/Reset timer with your Overrides

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Override Functionality

It’s possible to control the stopwatch using your own custom Overrides. This works great when you have hidden the default buttons in order to create your own custom controls.

The component accepts a prop timerStatus with 3 possible values - start, pause and reset.

As as example, here we would apply the TimerStatus Override to the component on your stage. You would then apply the StartTimer, PauseTimer and ResetTimer Overrides to each of your custom buttons, as applicable.

import { Data, Override } from 'framer';

const data = Data({ timerStatus: '' });

export const TimerStatus: Override = () => {
  return {
    timerStatus: data.timerStatus

export const StartTimer: Override = () => {
  return {
    onTap() {
      data.timerStatus = 'start';

export const PauseTimer: Override = () => {
  return {
    onTap() {
      data.timerStatus = 'pause';

export const ResetTimer: Override = () => {
  return {
    onTap() {
      data.timerStatus = 'reset';


Prop Type Description Default
timeColor string Color of text (css color) #000
timeSize number Size of text 26
buttonSize number Size of buttons 22
playButtonFill string Color of play button (css color) #000
resetButtonFill string Color of reset button (css color) #000
pauseButtonFill string Color of pause (css color) #000
showButtons boolean Show/Hide buttons false
autoStart boolean Auto start timer on mount true
timerStatus string For user with Overrides with values 'start', 'pause', 'reset' null


  • 1.0.2 - Changed references of milliseconds to hundredths.
  • 1.0.1 - Removed unused package date-fns
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