Google Analytics (WIP)

Fernando Hurtado

Google Analytics (WIP)

Google Analytics Screen Tracker (GAST)

This component is a work in progress, but very much useable.

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GAST is a quick and easy way to add Google Analytics screen tracking to your Framer X prototypes.

Getting Started

  • Make sure you have your Google Analytics Tracking ID (it looks something like UA-XXXXXXXX-XX)
  • Drop a GoogleAnalyticsEvent component onto the canvas and follow the instructions.
  • Make sure to drop one component for each page you want to track.


Tracking ID: enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID on the component’s’ properties section. You can get your Google Analytics ID by going to your dashboard on and clicking your account name in the top left.

App Name: enter the name of your prototype: e.g. “Funnel Prototype”. Make sure this value is the same across all instances of this component. This name will allow you to track your prototype in Google Analytics.

Screen Name: The name of the screen this component is going to track, e.g. “PageLoad FunnelPage 1”.