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Desktop Kit

Desktop Kit by Dropbox

Over 100 macOS UI components ranging from buttons and push notifications to fully working applications. This kit includes a set of pre-built interactive components for use throughout your prototypes and gives you the building blocks to design incredible desktop experiences.

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Use placeholder content or pull in live data from Dropbox. You can navigate within folders and even change the size of the content grid.

All folder and file icons are provided as Design Components to make it easy to create your own layouts.



Choose between Safari or Chrome to render any design. Enable “Live Site” mode to render a real website for a given URL.


LiveDesktop (Experimental)

Connect frames to the LiveDesktop Component and see them come to life as app windows that can be rearranged, resized and opened/closed. Also includes different wallpaper and color options for the desktop background.


Design Components

Dozens of Design Components for app icons, buttons, alerts, push notifications, the macOS Dock and Menu Bar, and even an example Messages application.

What’s New

  • LiveDesktop: Improved drag support for Browser component
  • LiveDesktop: Improved performance when dragging and resizing windows
  • LiveDesktop: Support for navigation for connected frames that link to other frames
  • Removed old Unsplash functionality in favor of using the new Unsplash integration in the Image Picker.

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