Perspective Hover

Chas Turansky

Perspective Hover


The Perspective Hover component is used to give any frame a 3D effect while hovering over it. It uses the react-tilt package built by jonathandion.


To apply the hover effect, drag the component onto the canvas, go to the properties panel and select a frame in the tilt element property. You can also connect the component to any frame with the frame connector.


  • Tilt Element Is used to select the frame
  • Tile max tilt rotation (degrees)
  • Perspective Transform perspective, the lower the more extreme the tilt gets.
  • Scale Increases size on hover (e.g. 1.5 = 150%)
  • Reset If the tilt effect has to be reset on exit.
  • Direction Changes the tilt direction towards or away from mouse.
  • Axis Pick the axis to remain enabled.


To create a parallax effect we can utilize overrides on any inner elements in the connected frame. Add the code below to the override file.

export function E100(): Override {
    return {
        z: 100,

Adjust Parallax Level

To change elevation of element for a more dramatic effect update the number

z: 30, // Closer
z: 120, // Further


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