Addison Schultz



A single code component that allows you to connect to content, and click through without code overrides.

Drag onto the canvas, and connect to however many frames you would like!

There are two types of Pagination encapsuled in this component:

Page - Extends the Page component in Framer X.

Flip - Includes the FlipPage component from react-flip-page.


  • Page Type - Type of Pagination. Set to Page by default.

Page Properties

  • Transition — Default or Custom Page Transition. Set to default by default.
  • Effect — Page Effect on Change. Set to none by default when enabled.
  • Custom Effect — Custom Page Effect on Change. Set to shrink by default when enabled.
  • Gap — Sets the gap between the connected content. Set to 10 by default.
  • Overflow — If the connected content can be seen outside of the component itself. Set to hidden by default.
  • Background Color — The background color that shows when a gap is set on the Page component. Set to #000000 by default.
  • Draggable — If the Page can be changed by dragging. Set to false by default.
  • Tap Area — Where the tappable area is located. Toggle between Corners and Sides. Set to corners by default.
  • Carousel — Whether or not the Page will jump to the beginning when it reaches the end or vice versa. Set to on by default.
  • Icons — Whether or not the icons will show. Set to show by default.
  • Icon Color — Arrow color. Set to #FFF by default. Option doesn’t work when you upload your own icon
  • Left Icon — Left Icon. Set to null by default.
  • Right Icon — Right Icon. Set to null by default.

Flip Properties

  • Orientation - Direction the Flip Page will turn. Set to vertical by default.
  • Uncut Pages - Whether or not the content will overflow the Flip Page. true returns a more “bookish” effect. Set to false by default.
  • Animation Duration - Duration in ms for the flip animation. Set to 200 by default.
  • Threshold - Distance in px to swipe before the gesture is activated. Set to 10 by default.
  • Max Angle - Angle of the page when there’s nothing to display before/after. Set to 45 by default.
  • Mask Opacity - Opacity of the masks that covers the underneath content. Set to 0.4 by default.
  • Perspective - Perspective value of the page fold effect. The bigger, the less noticeable. Set to 130 by default.
  • Background - Background of the pages. Set to #fff by default.
  • Direction Hint - Indicates if the component must hint the user on how it works. Set to false by default.
  • Swipe Hint - Indicates if the component must hint the user on how it works. Set to false by default.
  • Touch Hint - Indicates if the component must hint the user on how it works. Set to false by default.
  • Flip on Touch - Whether or not you can touch to change pages. Set to false by default.
  • Loop - If the carousel will restart when it reaches the end. Set to true by default.
  • Disable Swipe - Whether or not swipe gestures are recognized. Set to false by default.
  • Responsive - If the connected content will be able to be seen in the Pagination Component. Connected content must be at least the same dimensions as the Pagination Component. Set to true by default.
  • Start Page - Index for the pages to start on. Set to 0 by default.


Version Description
v1.0.0 Initial Publish
v1.1.0 Cleaned up code
v1.2.0 Added arrow icons with changeable color
v1.3.0 Added ability to change page effect
v1.4.0 Added option to change left and right icons with user uploaded svg files
v1.5.0 Updated Readme and images
v1.6.0 Cleaned up code
v1.7.0 Fixed missing arrow assets
v1.8.0 This time actually fixed arrow assets
v1.9.0 Hotfix to work in Framer X beta
v1.10.0 Added functionality to edit props, and fixed to work with new API
v1.11.0 Added tons of new props, and added some custom transitions.
v1.12.0 Updated Readme
v1.13.0 Add support for react-flip-page
v1.14.0 Add custom transition fade
v1.15.0 Add support for custom background-color on Page
v1.16.0 Minor UX updates
v1.17.0 Add custom transition lineup
v1.18.0 Fix clipped borderRadius on FlipPage
v1.19.0 Optimize for Web/Desktop, fix broken null states
v1.20.0 Bump react-flip-page to ^1.6.2 to fix clipped edges

*This component was a React Class component before Framer X21. Current version is a refactored functional component, but the original code for the now depreciated Class Pagination Component can still be found in this package when looking at the code if you’d like to explore the differences between Class and Functional React components.

*Thanks to @derlukasg for also contributing to the custom fade transition!

*Thanks to @steveruizok for also contributing to the custom lineup transition!

Feel free to reach out to me @addisonschultz with any questions, or feel free to submit a pull request.